Bronze and glass

  • These asymmetric earrings feature hand-blown beads made artisanally in Lille in the north of France. Glass blowing is an artisanal technique that creates hollow shapes by blowing air into a heated glass pipe. The artisan creates a unique bubble that is only shaped by a short and gentle blow. Pearls are then enriched with a layer of silver. Each pearl of our Blown Glass Pearl earrings, is unique and varies in structure, shade and texture.

  • Handmade in France and assembled in Italy
    Sold as a pair
    Length 5.5 cm and 3.5 cm

    Made in Italy
    Style: W CAO AC272 LO009

  • Bronze worked in Italy
    100% Bronze

    We recommend that you do not leave your bag exposed to the sun or intense light over an extended period to avoid marks appearing due to premature wrinkling. Do not allow it to become wet and do not expose it to humid conditions. Professional leather cleaning only.


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