Bull leather

  • This bag is the miniature version of the classic Lemaire Camera Bag. Inspired by traditional camera bags, it is made of vegetable tanned grained leather. Its lens shaped closure is entirely hand molded. Its details include a cotton canvas lining and an adjustable shoulder strap.

  • Hand-molded leather
    Magnetic closure
    Cotton canvas lining
    Adjustable shoulder strap
    Length 10 cm
    Width 9 cm
    Depth 5 cm

  • 100% Bull leather

    We recommend that you do not leave your bag exposed to the sun or intense light over an extended period to avoid marks appearing due to premature wrinkling. Do not allow it to become wet and do not expose it to humid conditions. Professional leather cleaning only.

    Made in Italy

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                camera bag

camera bag

Simple and curved geometrical lines make up the Camera Bag. The container of the bag is a simple rectangle, offset by the molded lens element that juts out from the middle. The lens shape is formed from a round mold, holding the leather in place in the process, much like the circular molds used to make individual shapes of the pasta, like Farfalle or ravioli, often served in the Tuscan region’s rich stews. Curvy and shiny, the camera bag brings to mind leather camera cases as well as the naive design of a toy. The camera bag has a friendly quality, readily making it an opening for a conversation or exchange between strangers, in the street or at a restaurant.
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