• This bag is the result of a dialogue between artist Carlos Peñafiel and LEMAIRE. Entirely handmolded, its generous shell shape emerges as the smooth vegetabletanned leather is worked over a metal structure. This meticulous technique creates unique pieces that are sensitive to the asperities of the hand that makes them. This objectbag with organic curves can be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

  • Leather lining
    Length 3 cm
    Width 24 cm
    Depth 8 cm

    Made in Italy
    Style : BG262 LL132

  • Main Material: 100% Cowhide Leather
    Main Lining: 100% Cowhide Leather

    If exposed to water or high humidity, dry your shoes well with an absorbent cloth and let them air dry before storing them.
    Care: Smooth leather: Use a soft cloth and apply a measured amount of uncolour milk or cream.
    Suede leather: Brush lightly with a sponge or special suede cloth.

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                carlos bag

carlos bag

There’s something friendly about the shape, which one could easily imagine serving as a conversation starter between two strangers in the street or elsewhere. The Carlos bag is a magic lamp, an object of erotic projections that stimulates the touch and the imagination. Its unctuous, glossy shape resembles a gigantic, generously proportioned clamshell. The bag is the result of a collaboration between the artist Carlos Peñafiel and Lemaire.
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