• This bag is the result of a dialogue between artist Carlos Peñafiel and Lemaire. Entirely hand-molded, its generous shell shape emerges as the smooth vegetable-tanned leather is worked over a metal structure. This meticulous technique creates unique pieces that are sensitive to the asperities of the hand that makes them. This object-bag with organic curves can be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

  • Handmade
    Leather lining
    Length 30 cm
    Width 24 cm
    Depth 8 cm

    Made in Italy
    Style: W CAO BG262 LL132

  • Vegetable-tanned leather from Italy
    100% Cow leather
    100% Cow leather lining

    All leathers for Lemaire shoes and leather goods come from hides originating from the food industry. These skins are recovered and valued at each stage by a tanning process in order to make our products.

    We recommend that you do not leave your bag exposed to the sun or intense light over an extended period to avoid marks appearing due to premature wrinkling. Do not allow it to become wet and do not expose it to humid conditions. Professional leather cleaning only.

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                carlos bag

carlos bag

There’s something friendly about the shape, which one could easily imagine serving as a conversation starter between two strangers in the street or elsewhere. The Carlos bag is a magic lamp, an object of erotic projections that stimulates the touch and the imagination. Its unctuous, glossy shape resembles a gigantic, generously proportioned clamshell. The bag is the result of a collaboration between the artist Carlos Peñafiel and Lemaire.
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