Mad et Len for Lemaire

The collaboration between LEMAIRE and MAD et LEN takes shape in a hand-poured vegetable wax candle and a pot-pourri made of lava rocks infused with a natural fragrance. Both are used to convey a perfume called BOIS D'ORAGE, which manifests itself with subtlety in the chosen moments as well as in everyday life.


The BOIS D’ORAGE candle is composed of carefully selected scents, captured in a hand-poured vegetable wax. A cotton wick is lit to release the fragrance.

The fragrance BOIS D'ORAGE was created by LEMAIRE and MAD et LEN in the Gorges du Verdon
The making of a BOIS D'ORAGE candle begins with a combination of carefully selected essential oils, respecting the seasonality.
In a metal container, the « juice » is joined by the hand-poured vegetable wax, which captures the scents.
A cotton wick is then attached before a final smoothing to give the candle a flawless appearance.
The Master Wax Maker is carefully monitoring the batch of wax cooking in the MAD et LEN atelier.
The BOIS D'ORAGE candle is ready. Once lit, it releases its bewitching and discreet perfume.


Once its lid is lifted, the BOIS D'ORAGE pot-pourri reveals its fragrance with a gesture or a movement of the air. The lava rocks from the Sahara Desert unleash a scent that can be boosted with a few drops of perfume.

The making of a BOIS D'ORAGE pot-pourri starts with the reception of the lava rock from the Sahara desert.
It is smashed into pieces which are meticulously chosen before filling the forged metal pots.
The candle and the pot-pourri are both presented in a raw metal case, hand-welded and fire blackened.
Once placed inside their receptacle, the stones are covered with a few drops of BOIS D'ORAGE perfume.
The final touch: some labelling and engraving.
The BOIS D'ORAGE pot-pourri is ready to spread its intense and thrilling scent each time its lid is lifted.

The result of the collaboration between LEMAIRE and MAD ET LEN, the fragrance BOIS D'ORAGE was created in the Gorges du Verdon, in the heart of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, from essential oils chosen for their subtlety and complexity.

Without paraffin or any other derivative from the petrochemical industry, the scent is expressed through a candle and a pot-pourri which are presented in a raw metal case, hand-welded and fire blackened according to an ancestral savoir-faire.

Designed with respect for nature and its cycles, this fragrance echoes the desire for simplicity and high standards that unites the two houses. Scents of Japanese cypress, Haitian vetiver, Indonesian patchouli, Indian calamus and Virginia juniper compose a fresh, intense, and enveloping perfume that delicately slips into the atmosphere like a thin thread of material or a light fabric.

Like the LEMAIRE wardrobe, the BOIS D'ORAGE fragrance invented by MAD ET LEN embodies an idea of fluidity and movement that encourages a slow, ritualized, and methodical encounter between the senses, the materials and the scents that surround them.

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