FW22 - About the collection

About the Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Like successive layers of cotton linen, denim, Nylon and silk, these silhouettes drank the dye according to the density and nature of their fiber. This mauve tone is made of wilted grass and petals, hydrangea and dry earth. The pockets are deep, the proportions stretched. The collar rolls up, the lapels tighten and protect, then everything transforms and collapses when the garment opens, revealing its asymmetry and its relaxed elegance when unbuttoned.

A large robe coat, mounted like a duffle coat, unlined, nobly rudimentary, worn over an overshirt with enlarged and low pockets, in the tones of fallen leaves.

Variations of washed denim, garment dyed in cigar shades, with a matte, almost powdery effect, contrasting with smooth leather. An overskirt apron with a single strap celebrates asymmetry. 

An asymmetrical Shetland wool suit, draped around the body, like a large blanket wrapped against you.  

The jacket is crossed up to the armpit, and the electric blue and brown check skirt is turned in at the waist, hugging the hips a little more. The same checkerboard in Shetland wool is available in a soft enveloping jacket with long shoulders. The leather belts are turned into resourceful carrying straps to hang a sweater, a scarf, free your hands. 


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